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Telli Micro-Tags

Add Telli Micro-Tags to your listing for greater Internet Exposure

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Associated with the main categories in Telli Marin are micro-categories. An example of a main category is “Dentists” and an example of a micro-category is "Pediatric." The Telli Micro-Tags associated with the search for children's dentists, for example, are “Pediatric”, “Dentists”, "Kids" and “Children.”

This makes it simple and fast for people to find specific products and services on Telli Marin and on the Internet.

Here are some actual pages on the Internet.

For example, if you enter the Telli Micro-Tag "Pediatric" in Telli Marin you will be directed to this page where you can select dentists for a list of all Pediatric Dentists in Marin.

If you enter the tags "Pediatric", "Dentists" and "Marin" on Google, you will go to a page like this. Notice that Telli Marin listings are near the top of the page. (Click on the image below to go to the actual page presently displayed on Google. Also, more ads appear at the top of the page in the morning than later in the day.) 

If you enter the tags "Hair", "Straightening" and "Marin" in Google, you will go to this Google page where you can click on Telli near the top of the page for all Hair Straightening Salons and Hairdressers in Marin. (Click on the image below to go to the actual page presently displayed on Google.) 

People creating or modifying their FREE LISTING in Telli Marin can select the Telli Micro-Tags that relate to all their products and services at NO CHARGE giving users quick access to their listing in Telli Marin and on the Internet.

Telli Micro-Tags also allow people to use Telli's Variable Search to instantly target listings that offer ONLY the products and services they want.

(To learn more about Telli Variable Search click on the "Related Link" to the right of this page.)