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Telli Variable Search

Only one search to find all the products & services you want

Address: PO Box 1088
Tiburon/Belvedere, CA 94920
Phone: 415-435-1280


Telli Micro-Tags make it easy for you to combine many features in one search without requiring you to investigate every listing and its website, one at a time, to find what you want.  

If you go to Google to search for a seafood restaurant, you must check out each listing to find a seafood restaurant that has other features you may find desirable.  

But with Telli, you can use Telli Variable Search to display a list of places that offer all the features you seek.  

For example, Telli can instantly target

1) seafood restaurants, 

2) with entries between $7 and $14,

3) that offer patio dining,

4) with a view,

5) have a full bar,

6) are child-friendly,

7) serve fish and chips, and

8) hamburgers

A total of eight variables in less than 60 seconds!  

Just go to a page of listings in Telli Marin and click on the features you want from the Micro-Tags appearing on the left of the page. Each time you click on a Micro-Tag, all listings that do not comply with your request will be deleted. 

If you select a Micro-Tag and then change your mind, just go back to the previous list by clicking on the "back" button on your browser.   

When you finish you will have a list of restaurants that offer all the features you desire.