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TelliPages - More Effective Than A Website

What experience do I need to create or update my own TelliPage?

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WHAT IS A TELLIPAGE? A TelliPage is a web site on Telli Marin that you and any of your authorized employees or volunteers can create in minutes using Telli's automated Web Design system. Just type it in, and it's there!  

WHAT KIND OF EXPERIENCE DO I NEED TO CREATE A TELLIPAGE? NONE. The process for creating a TelliPage is fully automated. If you have ever sent an email, you have the skills to create a TelliPage and include graphics and photos with links to other Web site pages. (For an example of a colorful TelliPage, click on the following link www.telli.com/marin/listings/B37692 to see a sample TelliPage.

WHERE IS MY TELLIPAGE STORED? TelliPages are stored on Telli's Internet servers at www.telli.com.  

WHO CAN VIEW MY TELLIPAGE? Everyone connected to the Internet.  

HOW DO PEOPLE GET TO SEE MY TELLIPAGE? TelliPages appear in the Telli Marin Directory at www.telli.com under the various categories you designate.

People can get to your TelliPage by accessing the various categories or by entering some part of your name in the Telli Search Box on the top of Telli Directory pages.

Also, as with a website, TelliPages may be accessed directly through major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN by entering your business name or one of your Telli categories in their search windows.

HOW MUCH DOES ALL THIS COST? A TelliPage subscription is FREE.

WHAT ARE YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS There are NO long-term billing contracts, strings or "small print" conditions. When you set up your TelliPage we will not ask for any billing information. After your 30-day free trial, we will send you an email asking if you want to begin your TelliPage subscription for the $29.95 monthly fee. If you decide not to continue, simply ignore our email. You will be charged nothing and your TelliPage will be deleted. If you respond to our email and sign up for the monthly fee to continue with your TelliPage, you can cancel your TelliPage at any time and your monthly billing will immediately terminate.  

DO I HAVE TO REGISTER WITH TELLI? Yes, we ask you to create a "sign in" code or "User Name" and a password for your security to insure no one else will enter information on your TelliPage. Also, initially, before allowing your TelliPage to be displayed, we are obligated to call your organization and confirm that you are authorized to operate a TelliPage on its behalf. However, only your business listing and the information you include on your TelliPage will be displayed on the Internet.


HOW DO I GET STARTED? Just go to www.telli.com and click on Create a TelliPage under Post Your Own Info... on the Telli Home Page.  

HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT TO DO? Simply follow the easy step-by-step instructions that appear on the screen. If you encounter a problem, call us at 415 435-1280.  

WHAT DO I DISPLAY ON MY TELLIPAGE? Imagine that you are preparing an urgent advertising flier or newspaper ad announcing your new products or the arrival of new inventory. Or, maybe you want to outline your expertise, special client services or discounts. Also, consider displaying current consumer or customer updates and provide some news or educational items to keep people coming back to your TelliPage. No one knows how to promote your business or organization better than you.  

DOES IT COST ANYTHING TO MAKE CHANGES TO MY TELLIPAGE? NO. You can return to your TelliPage at any time to make corrections and add changes or updates as often as you like at no additional expense. A TelliPage should not be stagnant. We have made a TelliPage simple-to-use to encourage ongoing communication with your customers, clients or members. When you are satisfied with the TelliPage you have created, after viewing a final copy and making any corrections, click on Finish, Telli automatically formats and displays your colorful TelliPage on the Internet along with the following FREE features.

  • Your business listing with address and phone number is displayed under various categories in the Telli Marin Directory above organizations without TelliPages.
  • The name of your organization and your icon is displayed on our Home Page from time to time under "Featured Listings".
  • Your TelliPage is linked to all your category listings and displays your hours of operation.
  • Beside your TelliPage is a link to display a map with directions to your store or business.
  • A link is displayed that connects people directly to your website, if you have one.
  • A quick link to an auto-email form is displayed so customers can send you emails at a hidden email address you designate at the time you create your business listing.
  • A link to a customer rating service is available.
  • The MY TELLI alert service with immediate access to your TelliPage is available so your customers can elect to be instantly notified every time you make any changes to your TelliPage.
  • You can create coupons offering discounts and special incentives.
  • You can check your stats to see how many people visited your TelliPage.

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