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Telli Competitive Advantage

More than just a directory - A Comprehensive Online Information Center

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Tiburon/Belvedere, CA 94920
Phone: 415-435-1280

See Telli Executive Summary at www.telli.com/summary


Each Telli Local Online Service is locally managed and provides an online information portal that enhances all forms of local media advertising with comprehensive information on businesses, community organizations, agents, and providers of local services working from cell phones, and includes entertainment promotions, movie schedules, and event announcements.


A Telli Local Online Service is a one-stop center of local information and commerce available through computers and mobile devices for people to communicate and find specific products and services without having to sift through large amounts of irrelevant global information.

A Telli local information site different from other Internet sites and search engines.

  • A Telli local information site is a multi-level Internet search site focusing on local content to serve the people and businesses in the communities of a specific geographic area.

  • As well as listings with extensive micro-details on all businesses in the area, a Telli site contains movie schedules, reviews, classifieds, coupons, and current information on community events, activities, lectures, classes, theatre productions, and the arts.

  • Telli’s simple and secure listing tools, allow people in a community to enter and update their own basic listings and TelliPages of limited promotional information on a Telli local site themselves, at no charge.

  • For a small monthly subscription fee, people can highlight their businesses, products, and services on a Telli local site’s affordable Advertising Platform using Telli’s do-it-yourself advertising and design tools to create and update colorful web TelliPages to promote their products and services throughout their community and on the Internet.

  • Local operators, who live in the areas that their sites cover, manage their sites using the simple Telli Administrator software program. They provide personal advertising and design support to subscribers while managing, modifying, and maintaining their local online sites remotely on their computers or laptops at a secure Telli Internet URL Site Address.

Information can be found on a Telli local information site that may not be available elsewhere.

  • Information on a wide range of specific services is available through Telli's extensive 3,400 micro-categories.

    (e.g. local restaurants with event rooms, beauty salons offering Japanese thermal hair straightening, Trichotillomania therapists, food truck owners, apartment hotels, in home cooking caterers, unique wedding ceremony locations, African dance classes, etc.)

  • Information on people or organizations not listed in the Yellow Pages or any other local directories who operate service businesses from their homes or exclusively through cell phones.

  • Details on people working under the umbrella of larger organizations whose listing information, skills, and personal services are not listed independently.

    (e.g. hairdressers in hair salons, attorneys in law firms, doctors in medical centers, real estate and insurance agents, etc.)

Telli has competition.

Many of Telli’s features can be found on national online networks like

  • Google’s Search Engine,

  • Yelp (pages of consumer reviews at www.yelp.com),

  • Facebook (social networking pages at www.facebook.com),

  • Linkedin (professional networking pages at www.linkedin.com),

  • Groupon (pages of discount coupons at www.groupon.com),

  • Twitter (a limited social announcement site at www.twitter.com that allows business and others to send short pieces of information (Tweets of 140 characters) to their followers,

  • YellowPages.com (a national directory of business listings at www.yp.com), and

  • Local.Com (a directory of limited business listings at www.local.com).


Telli stands out over the competition.

In addition to having the entire social and business networking features of the above companies combined, Telli one-stop local information sites:

  • focus exclusively on the detailed and extensive current information of individual communities,

  • are managed by local operators who provide personal hands-on assistance and advertising support at subscriber’s places of business,

  • are more comprehensive and up-to-date,
    • The Telli system automatically creates a free basic web page for all listings in the area to provide people with an instant overview of the specific products and services offered by each business and organization in their community.

    • Global search engines or local directories do not have a physical presence in the area, are usually not up to date, and offer listings with only names, addresses, website links (if a business has one), and only land-line phone numbers.

  • display enhanced listing content through inexpensive do-it-yourself colorful web TelliPages that subscribers can be create and constantly update instantly without any programming or website design skills,

  • are an easy and quick way for people to communicate and find all forms of local information, events and activities, without having to sift through large amounts of irrelevant global information,

  • offer micro-category and multi-dimensional search, powered by a combination of keyword search, menu search, and simple micro-category click-through filtering systems, and

  • provide a variable search system. People can choose an array of micro-categories to create a unique page of information adhering to multiple variables assembled from their own criteria. (e.g. Telli users can display a list of seafood restaurants close to shopping that offer fish and chips, outdoor dining with a view, a full bar, are child-friendly, and serve hamburgers – in less than 60 seconds on Telli Marin.)

Telli sites offer its advertisers exposure through the Telli Advertising Platform that they can't get elsewhere.

  • Telli gives its advertisers a predominant promotional position in the Telli local search results, frequently displays their listings on the Telli home page, and places them at the top of their category lists.
  • Advertisers receive predominant exposure on the major search engines..
    • Google and the major search engines access Telli Marin over 500,000 times a month to copy Telli listings on their sites and display links that send people to Telli.

    • Telli local listings appear at the top or near the top on most major search engines for Marin information. (See, Marin Doctors, Marin Dentists, Marin Hair Salons, Marin Massage, Marin Contractors, Marin Furniture Stores, Marin Sporting Goods, Marin Tax Consultants, etc.)

  • People in Marin County (100,000 households) view thousands of listings every day in Telli Marin. No other local Internet advertising platform comes close to providing as many viewers.

  • The ability to display inexpensive do-it-yourself TelliPages of information that are more effective than websites. (See graph below.)

Internet issues that Guinness addresses with Telli Systems, Products, and Tools.

  • Surveys report that 96 percent of consumers use the Internet to find products, services, and activities before actually buying. Moreover, they complete 90 percent of their purchases at local establishments.

  • Internet advertising revenues in the United States totaled $36.6 billion in 2012 and local online advertising revenues represented over 50 percent of the total Internet advertising market.

  • Despite the demand for information online, more than 58 percent of the 23 million small businesses in the United States don’t have websites, according to a 2012 Google report.

  • Most information on the Internet is about businesses and individuals who maintain and promote their own websites.

  • Establishing and maintaining websites is expensive, time-consuming, and beyond the budgets and expertise of most small businesses.

  • Search engine sites don’t offer personalized local Internet marketing assistance and web-design services and approximately 50 percent of small businesses report that the Internet advertising telemarketers who do call them don’t know their communities and fail to understand their business or their needs.

  • Even small businesses with websites report that using the major search engines to promote their sites is expensive and ineffective in attracting customers. They find that the sites don’t focus adequately on their communities or offer a wide enough choice of search engine categories to allow consumers to target their specific products and services.

  • Most Internet search engine sites and local online directories provide only landline telephone listings, addresses and only sometimes, links to websites.

  • It is almost impossible to find businesses or providers of local services that operate exclusively from cell phones.

  • Viewing websites is time consuming and most users limit the number of websites they visit, thus limiting their ability to target specific information and therefore, reducing the value of websites.

Comments to Questions from others.

The “local advertising” market seems to be packed with many players. Some very big and a multitude that are very small. The real question is whether the big will effectively get bigger at the expense of the smaller ones. 71 per cent of all online advertising is controlled by 10 companies. That leaves a much smaller pie for the thousands of smaller companies vying for the 29 cents of every dollar left in the pie.

We are not dependent solely on the smaller pie. We will take advertising dollars from the major companies in the marketplace whose sites are simply stagnant local “directories” and from expensive “one-time” media ads placed in newspapers and magazines.

e.g. The Marin Independent Journal (the Marin County newspaper – 40,000 subscribers) had a local site identical to many of the larger directories you are referring to above. A few years ago (2006), Marin IJ closed down their local directory because, as their own people admitted, they could not compete with the Telli Marin, do-it-yourself, TelliPage local information site.

I tested out a few keywords on Google to find Telli Marin listings. Some keywords seem to work quite impressively while a few others brought no results on the first page. For example “Marin County builders” or “Marin County contractors” seem to get no showing of Telli on the first page but with “Marin County hairdressers” and “Marin County cinema” you were near for at the top on the first page.

Google results keep changing every day and you get a different set of results depending on your search entry.

e.g.In regard to your search for “contractors”, enter the words “Marin Contractors” in the Google Search bar and you will see what I mean.

I noticed several other local competitors. One in particular was offering a monthly listing with a link to the advertiser’s website (assuming the advertiser has one of course) for only $2 or $5/month depending on the content.

As I mentioned earlier, and as our statistics show, website links are no big deal. TelliPages and Telli’s “Local Advertising Platform” generate considerably more results for local advertisers than their websites do.

See, http://www.telli.com/marin/listings/B24961 and http://www.telli.com/marin/listings/BB37703.

You mention admin software and design tools that don't require programming skills to operate. These kinds of software packages are available free all over the web. BlueVoda is a typical example that will enable you to design and build your own website free and with no training. It is just intuitive software. There are many examples of these. An organization like Clickbank can do all of the billing and collection.


First, I refer you to the above comment on the success of TelliPages vs. Websites whereby people view businesses with TelliPages over 20 times more often than they view businesses with websites.


Second, the Telli subscriber development tools are more than just design tools and are available through the Telli website, making Telli a do-it-yourself "Advertising Platform" and not just a website creation tool. Below is a list of the Telli Subscriber Advertising Platform tools that subscribers access through their subscriber advertising platform menu page.



My Favorites

Link a TelliPage to your Favorites List so you will be automatically alerted by email to any changes, updates, specials, new products, etc., posted by Telli Subscribers.

My Alerts

Read alerts that have been sent by your favorite businesses, clubs, groups or associations.

My Reviews

Read, edit, update or delete reviews that you have posted.

My Calendar

Create a calendar to display your special events, sales, etc.

Edit My User Profile

Change your email address, password, etc.

Post, Edit or Delete a Classified

Classifieds are displayed for a limited period and automatically removed if not updated.

Post, Edit or Delete an Event

Event listings are automatically removed at the end of the last day of the event.

Banner Campaigns

A list of your banner campaigns with statistical information. (Telli banners must by created and placed on Telli Marin through a local Telli Advertising Consultant.)

Account Profile

Notification Settings

Edit My TelliPage

Create, modify or update your TelliPage.

Edit My Listing

Change your listing name, address, hours of business, phone numbers, tag line, add a listing icon, add a website link, confidential email contact link and more.

Edit My Categories

Add categories where you want your listing to appear or delete categories.

Post an Alert

Send an email alert to viewers who have saved your listing as a Telli Favorite.

Post, Edit or Delete a Coupon

Subscribers enter the expiration date for the coupon, which is printed on the coupon, and it is deleted from Telli Marin on that date. However, they can remove it themselves from Telli Marin at any time.

Viewer Statistics

Track the visits to your listing and clicks on your website link.

Related Listings

Link your TelliPage to other business listings on Telli (e.g. attorneys with major law firms can can set up their own listings and link them to the listings for their law firms so they show up on their law firms' TelliPages.)

TelliPage Links

Place a Telli link on your website that, when clicked on, sends people to your TelliPage (so you can keep your website up to date through your TelliPage without having to pay web design fees). Also place links on your website to your Telli Events Calendar.

Set up your own TelliPage Internet Address: e.g. www.telli.com/name of business

Third, we have learned over the years that potential subscribers need help to promote themselves. Most are not marketing people with experience in advertising. That is why so few small businesses have websites; they just don't know what to say about themselves.


Half of the 15 million local US businesses still don't have a website. Telli Advertising Consultants (Licensees) in the area will help these small businesses overcome their problems and assist them in creating effective advertising campaigns through face to face consultation.


Fourth, the Telli Administrator is not just a design tool. It is a "management tool" that allows licensees to update their Telli Information Sites and modify them to support the uniqueness of each community. In addition, Licensees use the Telli Administrator to establish electronic billing systems, establish accounts with variable billing plans and manage electronic payments. To see the main menu page of the Telli Administrator program, see below or see the Guinness Telli*Phone Business Plan.