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Akea Nutrition Essentials - Bob Trask

Guide your daily nutrition back to what nature intended

Address: 4803 Polo Club Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93312
Phone: 661-588-2500
Mobile: 661-201-1713


In today’s world it is impractical to live off what we can grow, pick or catch. We can’t exert ourselves outdoors all day long, as we were designed to do.


At Akea, we have the solution. It’s the Akea Food Matrix, research and designed to guide your daily nutrition back to what nature intended.


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Akea Details & Facts 

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Akea Essentials is uniquely researched and formulated to offer you the tremendous health advantages enjoyed by the world’s healthiest people. They’ve got energy. A healthy weight. Little or no chronic disease. And they enjoy impressive levels of nutrition and well being.

When you take Essentials, you can benefit from the best practices of Longevity Hot Spots. It’s an important step in building your own BluePrint for Life. Essentials has the whole-food nutrients your body needs to replenish the functional reserves depleted by a modern lifestyle.

A quality foundational formula with a rich complex of nutrients, Essentials is easy to take and provides a wide range of health benefits. 

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Benefits for the whole of your life

You can expect Akea Essentials to promptly provide noticeable benefits like:

  • Increased energy, stamina and vitality*
  • Enhanced immune system*
  • Improved heart health*
  • Increased mental capacity and alertness*
  • Decreased cravings and improved blood sugar support*
  • Improved joint mobility*
  • Improved digestion and elimination*

By taking its superior nutritional support over time, you’ll also experience the many rewarding health benefits that come with better wellbeing and a long, vibrant life.*

Maximize your life’s potential with Akea Essentials.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Through Longevity Hot Spot ResearchTM, Akea has uncovered three vital factors that give the proprietary Hot Spot Blend in Essentials its powerful effectiveness.

The whole works. Longevity cultures eat organic, all-natural, whole foods with no added chemicals, preservatives, or synthetic substances—just what you’ll find in Akea Essentials. It’s highly concentrated whole foods made with organic ingredients that deliver nutrients just as nature intended.

Power of synergy. Nutritional complexity is the foundation of Hot Spot diets, where no nutrient works in isolation. Those living in healthier cultures enjoy a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods every day. This is why Akea Essentials contains a broad base of phytonutrients from a variety of 30 organic plants, grains, and herbs delivering the same powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in longevity hot spots the world over.

In this case, the “whole” is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

Highly cultured. The Hot Spot Blend in Akea Essentials is fermented to further enhance its synergy and deliver better health benefits. Hot spot inhabitants use fermentation in many of their foods, from yogurt and soy, to cacao and wine. Fermentation improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients (bioavailability) and introduces probiotics, the good bacteria essential for healthy digestion.

Akea: Imagine life on your terms…

A life complete with more time for family, friends and fun — a life with flexibility and reward.

Whether you’re looking for a little extra money to spend on your family or yourself, or you would like a chance to build a flexible career Akea can help you make it happen.

Improve your health and develop wealth… on your terms!

As an Akea consultant you will learn and understand how people live happier, healthier, longer lives in the world’s Longevity Hot Spots. By sharing your knowledge with family and friends you can earn the needed extra income and gain the financial security of your dreams.

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