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Al's Body Therapeutics Massage

CA Board Certified. Integrated Massage and Lymph Drainage.

Address: 25 Evergreen Avenue, #2A
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Phone: 415-381-4200

Al's Body Therapeutics Massage

in Mill Valley, CA 

Enjoy a Great Massage in Marin Protect your Health! Relieve your Stress! Ease sore muscles! Increase circulation!
Feel great and Relax!

At Body Therapeutics, I will design a bodywork session created just for you. Body Therapeutics is located at 25 Evergreen Ave., #2A in Mill Valley, CA. Call me at 415-381-4200 to schedule an appointment..

Calling on years of experience and training, I can tailor a combination of several modalities to design a session which meets your desires and needs. I am trained in Deep Tissue, Esalen, and Swedish Massage. My specialty is Manual Lymph Drainage for breast health and for breast cancer patients.  I have trained extensively in Medical Massage and I have 17 years experience on the staff of California Pacific Medical Center's IHH clinic.

Escape to inner serenity 


You can benefit from massage and bodywork in so many ways. The physical outcomes are wonderful, but perhaps it is the opportunity to just "let go" and be pampered that allows you to go inside to that quiet space where you feel nurtured and supported. It feels so marvelous! 



Body Therapeutics is located at 25 Evergreen Avenue, #2A in Mill Valley, CA. Phone 415-381-4200 to schedule an appointment.

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