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H. Elizabeth Burke, MA ~ Creator of Transforming Embodiment Technique

Pioneer in Somatic & Past Life Therapy, Chakra Analysis & Healing

Address: Greenbrae and Camarillo, CA 93012
Phone: 415-925-1509


H. ELIZABETH BURKE MA ~ Pioneer in Somatic Therapy, Energy Healing and Past Life Therapy ~ Creator of Transforming Embodiment , Professional Psychic and Medical Intuitive, Teacher and Author 

Professional Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings

My psychic and medical intuitive readings are deep and penetrating and full of insights.

A reading with me reveals what has been unknown to you and paves the way to deep healing.

You will gain deep insights, fresh innovative solutions, answers and the understanding you need to move forward with ease and grace.

AREAS TO EXPLORE: Relationships, symptoms, health, family issues, spiritual questions, past lives as they relate to your present, and future potentials 

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Pioneering Somatic & Past Life Therapy and Energy Healing 

Discover how the energy from your past can be transformed & released from your mind and body once and for all.

Since 1987, I've helped women and men resolve physical symptoms, transform fears, phobias, traumatic experiences, deep grief, and release childhood wounds, relationship challenges, emotional family patterns and past life histories and memories.

Discover how your mind, body, memories and emotions are interconnected and effectively release the karmas and karmic ties that fuel current problems, symptoms, and struggles.

Transforming Embodiment ® blends psychological and spiritual practices from Buddhist, Taoist and Hawai'ian traditions, with compassionate intuitive wisdom and state of the art therapeutic practices to heal the core of your being and redefine your life.

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 Call 415.925.1509 if you have questions

Testimonials from Happy Clients 

Elizabeth Burke is unlike any other psychic I have been to. Her work a unique blend of psychic, spiritual and psychological practices. She also draws on experiential truths which often defy mainstream psychic conventions, but actually resonated more deeply with my own felt sense of the world. I have found her work and classes, powerful, helpful and full of ah has.  Cecily, Berkeley, CA

Having never been to a psychic, I imagined Elizabeth would look right into my soul, & I was afraid of what she might find. Instead, I found kindness and depth. My fears fell away... replaced by wonder, & the deepest sense of trust and understanding imaginable, as Elizabeth 'read' my soul.   Grace, Portland, OR

Even thought I have done meditation and intuitive practices for years on my own before I met you, I always credit you with being my first meditation teacher. I am still using what you taught our group 21 yrs ago. What you taught is always part of what arises in my consciousness, woven in with all the rest, when I do inner work.You are one of the very few people I know who walks both paths, (intuitive and Buddhist), who has found her way to be with both. Thank you in the biggest way for your good humored compassion, and incisive insights over the years, and for all the times you've bailed me out of emotional and spiritual crisis with your readings!     Kym, Oakland CA

Elizabeth has been trained in spirituality, counseling, bodywork and is a channel, who has an uncanny ability to see the inner workings of my life. She has taught me new ways to use my inner wisdom and body's knowledge to heal myself -which has been invaluable.    Leslie Corbin, Camas, WA ---CEO

A Bit of Elizabeth's Story

From (1984-1986) I went through a 3-year-long kundalini awakening and shamanic initiation that changed me forever. 

Illness and pain ravaged my body for months on end, my spine & nervous system were on fire and spontaneous past life memories ignited and filled my mind. I began to meet people I had known in past lives and more energy, than I ever thought possible poured into my being, burning away obstacles and opening new pathways.

I saw dramatically how emotions and memories deeply affected the mind, body and spirit. I learned directly, during this firing process, how to heal the mind and body and how to clear the past and past life karmas from the very cells, bones and tissues of the body.

In the wake of this enormous transformation, my psychic & empathic abilities increased 1000 fold and clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudiant skills emerged full blown. I began to trance channel and became deeply connected to the earth and Source itself.  Life was never the same.

I have worked with this profound energy ever since.

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MEMORY IN OUR BONES © — Elizabeth Burke's  award-winning book

Elizabeth's clients have asked her to write a new version of Memory In Our Bones for every day people for years. So during this pandemic year she has rewritten and revised  Memory in Our Bones entirely. The new version has a new title, new cover and new material. 

Visit  => https://elizabethburkema.com/transformational-books.html

to see and read about this beautiful new version of this award-winning book.

Elizabeth spent 13 years researching & writing this book. It is a unique blend of new science & spirituality.

This groundbreaking book shares a simple and direct time-tested practice and gives you tools for healing your fears, traumatic reactions, emotional pain, relationship conflicts, past lives and even physical symptoms.

  • It illuminates how memory, consciousness emotions and healing are deeply intertwined and gives you a new way to heal yourself by working from within.
  • It details the spiritual and biological aspects of memory, how memory and emotions are imprinted in your cells, bones and tissues and how to transform these imprints one and for all. 

Memory in Our Bones is accessible and full of insights and has been endorsed by Larry Dossey MD, Stan Krippner PhD, Leza Lowitz, & Alexandra Kennedy MFCC.


MEMORY IN OUR BONES avail in paperback and as an e book



  • Memory in Our Bones  Transforming Emotional Pain into Peace  2 nd edition

Published Jan 2021

  • Transforming History ~ Transforming Embodiment     Somatic Practices for Healing the Past and the Soul ~ Beyond Traditional Therapy 

Publishing Date Winter 2022

  • An Awakened Approach to Open Heart Surgery     Meditations and Visualizations to Help you Survive and Thrive

 Publishing Date Summer  2022